Our History

Kinnerton was established in 2010 in response to a severe contraction in real estate lending due to increased regulation on banks and traditional lenders.

Kinnerton grew out of the credit crisis by taking on a large portfolio of loans (including non-performing loans) from Finansiel Stabilitet, the bank established by the Danish government for the purpose of taking over and winding up activities from distressed banks.

The credit-constraints and supply/demand imbalance opened up an opportunity for an experienced alternative asset manager such as Kinnerton to support the Danish market with flexible and timely lending solutions.

Over time, Kinnerton has been able to develop unique market insights and diversify its sourcing and underwriting capabilities across three core strategies, Development Loans, Junior Mortgages and Non-Performing Loans, in three successful funds. Due to the specialist nature of Kinnerton’s strategies, it faces limited competition resulting in attractive returns for investors.

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