About Us

Kinnerton provides private real estate investment opportunities. We take a research-based approach to investing, leveraging our deep market expertise and an experienced team of industry professionals.

Kinnerton was established in 2010 and has had up to €400 million in assets under management in three Funds and separately managed accounts.

Our History

Kinnerton was established in 2010 in response to a severe contraction in Danish real estate lending due to increased regulation on banks and traditional lenders following the Global Financial Crisis.

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Structure and Governance

Kinnerton Group A/S is the parent company of the following entities:

Kinnerton Credit Management Limited, AIFM authorised by the UK Financial Conduct Authority

Kinnerton Capital A/S, Investment Adviser

ditboliglaan.dk ejendomskreditselskab ApS, loan issuer authorised by Finanstilsynet

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