Investment Strategy

Kinnerton is a specialised alternative asset manager providing equity and debt financing in areas where traditional investors, such as banks have withdrawn in the wake of regulatory changes imposed by Basel III. We take a conservative, research-based approach, which mitigates risk and protects capital ensuring attractive returns for our investors. Our philosophy is that we take care of the downside risk as the upside usually takes care of itself.

Highly focused

Kinnerton is solely focused on Nordic real estate investing and has developed unique market insight into segments with limited competition.

Research-based approach

Extensive market research and bottom-up analysis enable Kinnerton to generate attractive returns for investors by identifying pockets of growth beyond the obvious areas such as Copenhagen and Stockholm.

Downside Protection

Our investment processes are research driven and based on bottom up analysis with the aim of protecting our investor’s capital against downside risk. Each investment decision is considered carefully against our conservative investment criteria. This includes the analysis of numerous scenarios, including exit strategies and a full assessment of the counter party’s ability to repay.

Kinnerton’s experience with the restructuring of Finansiel Stabilitet’s non-performing loan portfolio has given it a unique insight towards active capital preservation and how to deal with challenging situations. We have successfully applied this skill to other parts of Kinnerton’s platform.

Risk is managed throughout the lifecycle of an investment and protected by a number of safe guards ensuring attractive returns for relatively low risk.

Flexible sub-strategies

Real estate investing offers a wide opportunity set with the ability to tailor risk and reward profiles. Kinnerton offers the ability to invest across equity and debt, including residential mortgages, commercial mortgages and development loans.

Kinnerton’s flexible platform invests across the following disciplines:

  • 2nd lien junior residential and commercial loans
  • Development loans
  • Non-performing loans (residential and commercial)
  • Secondary transactions
  • Co-investments
  • Rental residential real estate

Managed accounts

Kinnerton also provides discretionary investment management services to managed accounts for individual institutional investors.