Kinnerton has a team of people based in  Copenhagen with deep experience in credit, property and asset management.

Senior management

Jens Bisgaard-Frantzen

Chief Investment Officer

Jens has +25 years of experience in
asset management and private markets investments.

Phone: +45 3841 2912
Email: jbf@kin-grp.com

Matthew Baker

Chief Operating Officer

Matthew joined the board of Kinnerton in 2011
and joined management in 2016. He has +20 years
of legal, commercial and asset management experience.

Phone: +45 3841 2918

Credit team

Ulrik Emborg

Chief Project Manager/Head of New Business

Ulrik has +20 years of experience in mortgage loans and real estate finance. Ulrik joined in 2013.

Phone: +45 3841 2934
Email: ulm@kinnertoncap.dk

Mark Halleskov

Senior Project Manager

Mark has +10 years of experience in bank and mortgage loans for real estate financing and development. Mark joined in 2016.

Phone: +45 3841 2937
Email: mh@kinnertoncap.dk

Maarit Nordmark

Head of Credit – Sweden

Maarit has +25 years of experience of work with property sector and real estate financing mainly in Sweden, Finland and Denmark. Maarit joined in 2022.

Phone +46 70 688 63 83
Email: mno@kinnertoncredit.com

Tobias Allingham

Student Analyst

Tobias studies BSc in Economics and Business Administration at Copenhagen Business School. Tobias joined in 2021.

Phone: +45 3841 2920
Email: tal@kinnertoncap.dk

Hanne Rasmussen

Credit Manager

Hanne has 40 years of experience in mortgage loans. Hanne joined in 2013.

Phone: +45 3841 2930
Email: hra@kinnertoncap.dk

Jeannette Sørensen

Credit Manager

Jeannette has +20 years of experience in mortgage loans. Jeannette joined in 2013.

Phone: +45 3841 2936
Email: jes@kinnertoncap.dk

Victor Alberg


Victor studies MSc in Business Administration and E-business at Copenhagen Business School. Victor joined in 2022.

Phone: +45 3841 2920
Email: vab@kinnertoncap.dk

Finance & Support

Henriette Aakjær Hansen

Chief Financial Officer

Henriette has +10 years accounting experience. Henriette joined in 2018.

Phone: +45 3841 2919
Email: hah@kinnertoncap.dk

Christian Bach

Head of Legal & Compliance

Christian has +20 years of legal experience.
Christian joined in 2021.

Phone: +45 3841 2914
Email: cba@kinnertoncap.dk

Donny van der Zande

Financial Controller

Donny joined in 2020 and has 3 years of professional experience in accounting and business development.

Phone: +45 3841 2947
Email: dvz@kinnertoncap.dk

Wictor Bodzioch Nüssle

Financial Controller

Wictor has 4 years of accounting experience. Wictor joined in 2021.

Phone: +45 3841 2917
Email: wbn@kinnertoncap.dk

Lene Bjørg Jensen

Financial Controller

Lene has +20 years of accounting experience. Lene joined in 2022.

Email: lbj@kinnertoncap.dk

Esther Nissen


Esther joined in 2022.

Email: esn@kinnertoncap.dkk

Camilla Halsted

Office Manager

Camilla has +10 years of experience within office management. Camilla joined in 2021.

Phone: +45 3841 2939
Email: csh@kinnertoncap.dk

Equity Team

Trine Lindgaard

Senior Legal Advisor

Trine has +20 years of experience as a legal advisor. Trine joined in 2021.

Phone: +45 3841 2920
Email: tli@kinnertoncap.dk